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Changing my approach to weight loss.


The Story of Arina

Like so many others who struggle with weight loss, Arina had tried almost everything she could think of to feel comfortable in her body again…and all she ever lost was hope, not weight.

Being a chronic dieter, she knew what to do for a quick fix, she’d done it so many times before: eat far fewer calories, while burning more through exercise…but why was it such a struggle and how did the lost weight always creep back on?

It took in-depth genetic testing and the help of a 3X4 practitioner for Arina to learn that it wasn’t so simple. Our bodies are unique and complex. Everyone is completely different.

“I learnt that I have lots of reasons why I struggle with my weight”

It was only when Arina took a deeper look (at her genetics) and the biological pathways at play inside her body, that she started to understand which personalized, targeted changes to make to get the results she’d always been chasing.

Arina discovered underlying inflammation and compromised detoxification had a big part to play in why her body was stubbornly holding onto excess weight. She also learnt which type of exercise her body responded best to, and that her lifelong approach to working out had not been right for her genetic profile. Arina discovered how best to support her body, based on her unique strengths and weaknesses.

“I found the test results enlightening. I think it makes me understand myself better”

Arina has lost 20kg’s since starting her 3X4 journey. The best part is that her weight loss has been consistent and her new lifestyle feels sustainable rather than restrictive. Her approach to exercise and self-care has been completely transformed through the knowledge of how her body functions below the surface. Arina feels empowered and looks at health differently now. Watch her story here. Want to learn how your body works?

Key Takeaway Message

No more diets. Lasting weight loss is about so much more than exercise, calories and willpower. Individuals respond differently to foods. Knowing your genetic profile can help you take a whole lifestyle approach to get the results you’ve always wanted.

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