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5 Warming Soup Recipes for Winter Weeknights.

Temps are dropping to single digits here in the Southern Hemisphere and with it comes the craving for steamy comfort bowls of broths, soups and stews. Winter can be a good time to re-focus on our health and listen to what the body is trying to communicate.

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What kinds of foods and nourishment are you craving lately?

Here is some cozy inspiration in the form of 5 soup recipes that tick all the essential boxes for a healthy weeknight dinner – simple, few ingredients, satisfying, easy to make, and delicious!

Smokey Red Lentil Stew by The First Mess

soup recipes

Healthy Broccoli Soup Recipe by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Cream of Roasted Cauliflower & Cheese Soup – Drizzle & Dip

Feel Good Veggie Soup from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Vegetable Beef Soup by Gimme Some Oven

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