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How 3X4 helped me get the best outcome with my degenerative condition.


The Story of Najwa

Najwa was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative chronic illness that affects her nervous system. The diagnosis and the way her condition was handled by conventional medicine felt vague to her and like it involved “a lot of guesswork”. She wasn’t willing to give in to this bewildering condition or to give up on the things that mattered most in her life.

Najwa took control of her health and began her 3X4 journey to discover how to mitigate her symptoms using diet, physical activity and supplements. She gained very valuable insights from her 3X4 test and learnt that genetically, her detoxification and methylation pathways were compromised. She discovered real and concrete explanations for her symptoms and with the help of her 3X4 practitioner, began to understand how to support her body as a whole, to compensate for these genetic variations.

“There is help out there that can make a difference to your life.”

Najwa’s chronic condition put her on an empowered journey of self- discovery. She now feels like her life is even better than before her diagnosis, when she thought she was healthy.

“It’s not all doom and gloom. With the correct support your life can improve dramatically, even to the extent that it’s better that it was when you thought you were healthy.”

Don’t let a chronic condition define who you are or how you live. Get a 3X4 Test today.

Key Takeaway Message

Take the guesswork out of your chronic illness and improve your life dramatically. With the right genetically determined diet, lifetsyle and supplement adjustments you’ll soon feel empowered and in control of your health again.

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