3X4.Ed Foundations in Nutrigenomics Course

The Foundations in Nutrigenomics course was developed to provide a global platform for the provision of progressive, cutting- edge, and credible nutrigenomics education for all health professionals.

This course is designed for health practitioners, educators and scientists; providing the training required to interpret a client’s nutrigenetic results and transition them into personalized food solutions.

What Content Is Covered?

The introductory eleven-module course provides a review of relevant nutritional biochemistry and current nutrigenetic science, the use of commercial tests, and the interpretation of nutrigenetic results for patients.

Each module includes recommended readings and resources, videos, a power point based lecture, and an online quiz. All the content is online. Please download our brochure for further details

Our Authors

Dr Yael Joffe PhD RD FACN

Your genes don’t work in isolation – they work with each other and the body’s environment. What we eat, how we move, our stress levels and our emotional lives affect how our genes behave.

Understanding our individual genetic blueprint can guide us to make health choices that help us to live happier, longer and better.

Dr Christine Houghton PhD, B.Sc.(Biochem.), R.Nutr.

Following many years in private practice as a registered nutritionist. She is an accomplished writer and an engaging speaker whose evidence-supported presentations challenge accepted but often-outdated paradigms.

She is the author of “Switched On – Harnessing the Power of Nutrigenomics to Optimise Your Health” and a number of peer-reviewed publications.