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Be part of a rapidly-growing, global community of expert genetic practitioners who use the 3X4 Blueprint to support patients in unlocking life-long health through personalized, sustainable and effective treatment plans.

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3X4 Events

The field of genetics is advancing at an exponential rate. As practitioners, we need to keep up with new discoveries and information, and how they impact our clinical practices.

3X4 runs conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars and talks to ensure our global network has access to the most current and emerging research and thinking.


3X4 Network members have access to the most comprehensive nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics courses available anywhere in the world today. (We know, we’ve checked!)

Our courses have been created, and refined over a number of years, by two leaders in the field, Dr Yael Joffe and Dr. Christine Houghton.

Our commitment is to educate and up skill practitioners. Therefore, each student has a course mentor dedicated to supporting their learning journey. We currently have over 500 alumni.

3X4 Nutrigenetics Test

Combining 20 years of nutrigenetic research and experience with the latest in technology and data science, the 3X4 genetic test is considered by many practitioners to be the most comprehensive and useful nutrigenetics test available today.

As a 3X4 Network member you can offer this test to your patients.

Wait, I still have some questions!

Wonderful! We have taken some common questions and put them into a frequently asked questions page that you can access here.

If your question isn’t here please get in touch with us at info@3x4genetics.com or +1 (425) 818-5333. We would love to hear from you.