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Telehealth States: Arizona, California, Virginia, Oklahoma, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Texas, Connecticut, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan

(Address provided on request)
San Luis Obispo 93405
Phone: (707) 766-4047
Email: ruth@calmerme.com
MS Personalized Nutrition, MS Health Psychology, Registered Nutrigenomics Counsellor, Functional Nutritionist

Ruth is a functional nutritionist, who considers the whole person, delving into the intricacies of what is going on with clients at the cellular level, and also giving just as much attention to the big picture of who they are. Her goal is to empower her clients and create a roadmap to personalized health and well-being, so they may do more of what they love in their lives for longer. In addition to working with clients, she also mentors practitioners for 3×4 genetics.