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Christina Kilton Nutrition

3X4 Certified
Telehealth Only

Telehealth States: Arkansas, Hawaii, Texas, Utah, Washington, Oregon

(Address provided on request)
Little Rock 72212
Phone: (501) 396-9825
Christina Kilton RD

Fields of interest: Sports Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, heart health, eating disorders, weight management, female health.

Christina Kilton Nutrition can guide you to your best performance; whether that is in athletics, making it through a busy work day, planning for your future health, or chasing kiddos around the house. Hello, I am Christina Kilton, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. I have studied all areas of nutrition and have a great understanding of how food affects our energy, health, and performance so I can guide you on your journey.
Christina has been an RD over 20 years, her experience will give you valuable insights to your health.
When not at work she loves to be in the great outdoors with her husband and four children.