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Healthy Fit Nutrition, Inc.

3X4 Certified
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Telehealth States: California

2152 Dupont Drive, Suite 180, Irvine, CA 92614
Huntington Beach 92646
Phone: (949) 723-9533
Tami Broderick BS, RD

Fields of interest: Autoimmunity, GI Issues, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Diabetes

Tami Broderick is a private practice Registered Dietitian and Certified Functional Nutrition Specialist

Using a combination of scientific and practice-based evidence, Tami uses an integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy approach to manage chronic disease and inflammation through food and targeted nutrients.

Utilizing genomics, Tami identifies and focuses on core imbalances that underlie symptoms and are at the root of most chronic health conditions.

On the wellness side of things, she utilizes genomic testing to create and customize a nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan built entirely from the inside out using your own unique genetic blueprint.

Her specialties include auto-immune conditions, food sensitivities, and GI disease.