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Integration Kinesiology

3X4 Certified
3X4 Education
Elite Member
Top 1%

Telehealth States: Minnesota

(Address provided on request)
Eagan 55123
Phone: (651) 405-1016
Anna Gates Bachelor of Science

Fields of interest: Professionally enjoy researching and helping people facilitate physical, emotional, and mental stress-relief. Personally enjoy ballroom dancing and researching.

Integration Kinesiology (IK) is complimentary to traditional medicine and is a complete approach to physical, mental, and emotional restoration.

IK is based on the belief that we are responsible for, and need to participate in, our own health and healing.

Physical ailments, or symptoms, are warning signals that indicate that there is something throwing the body off-balance. IK’s goal is to respond to these symptoms, address the underlying cause, and restore and promote whole-person health.

IK boosts the body’s ability to de-stress and self-heal by using a holistic blend of kinesiology (muscle response), genetics, emotional releases, belief repatterning, reflex integration, movement re-education, acupressure, and essential oils. Used together, these techniques amplify the body’s ability to achieve better health.