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Lisa Licavoli, RD

3X4 Certified
3X4 Education
Elite Member
Top 5%

Telehealth States: California

2289 Redlands Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660
Newport Beach 92660
Phone: (949) 355-2131
Lisa Licavoli Certified Clinical Nutritionist / Traditional Naturopath

Fields of interest: My fields of interest include eating & weight related issues, GI problems including EoE, Celiac & IBS, food allergies, diabetes and low energy.

I welcome those seeking health at any age. I have in-depth training in Functional Nutrition, Nutrigenomics and Culinary Biochemistry. I offer personalized nutritional counseling to assist clients in optimizing their health, weight and fitness. I offer guidance, suggestions, recipes, tips and education to help my clients implement changes that work within their goals and lifestyle. I have an extensive background in helping those with difficult issues, such as, eating disorders and medical nutritional issues.