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Marc Terebelo, DC

3X4 Certified
3X4 Education
Top 10%

Telehealth States: Michigan

30555 Southfield Rd, Suite 155 Southfield, MI 48076
Southfield 48076
Phone: (248) 593-8282
Marc Terebelo Doctor of Chiropractic

Fields of interest: Applied Kinesiology...Holistic Healthcare. Getting people well!

My goal as a physician is to find the cause of why my patient has pain or is not feeling as good as they know they should. As an Applied Kinesiologist as taught by its founder, Dr. George Goodheart, one of my many holistic tools that I use is muscle testing as a reliable means to access the body to assess body function. To diagnose what the body needs…via attention to the physical body itself, nutritional support or mental/emotional components. In the end, my goal is to assist my patients to reach their health goals. I look at the 3×4 genetic profile as an “owners manual” for your body, imagine how useful it would be if we all had one when we were born!