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Nutrition Decode, LLC

3X4 Certified
3X4 Education
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Telehealth States: Ohio, North Carolina

(Address provided on request)
Asheville 28803
Phone: (828) 882-2633
Lisa Hillmann MS-Masters of Science in Genetic Counseling

Fields of interest: Nutritional Genomics and Functional Nutrition Care

I’m Lisa Hillmann, a masters-trained genetic counselor, registered dietitian and owner of Nutrition Decode. I specialize in personalized nutrition care using genetic testing. We are all genetically different, and sometimes these differences can affect the way our bodies metabolize food, handle stress and toxins, and respond to illness. Nutritional genetic testing can provide powerful insight on how to overcome your most difficult health-related challenges. As a functional medicine practitioner, I explore the root causes to your health problems, and incorporate a wholistic approach to treatment. I support you, step by step, as you discover how changes in diet and lifestyle can dramatically improve your health, wellness and longevity.