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Precision Metabolic Health

Telehealth States: Texas

(Address provided on request)
Austin 78701
Phone: (512) 422-3491
Email: info@precisionmetabolichealth.com

Shefaly Ravula, PA-C is the founder of Precision Metabolic Health, a virtual telehealth practice, which at its core uses a culinary medicine toolkit for digestive and metabolic health optimization. With a background in conventional gastroenterology as well as becoming a cooking instructor and food writer, she intertwined the two to create Precision Metabolic. Shefaly helps guide patients in a medical and nutrition philosophy that is an intersection of lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, prevention medicine, and the burgeoning field of nutrigenomics. The foundation of it all is “food as medicine” and she simultaneously launched the Food-as-Medicine Academy, a virtual cooking academy teaching nutrition WITH cooking–and learning to apply it in the kitchen. Precision Metabolic has a variety of service options for all states in the USA and globally, as we are a virtual practice.