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Red Apple Nutrition, LLC

3X4 Certified
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Telehealth States: Texas

(Address provided on request)
Spring 77386
Phone: (412) 779-1280
Rita de Freitas RD, LDN

Fields of interest: Gut Health, Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid Health, Food Sensitivities, Hormone Health

Rita teaches nutrition and educates people on how to lead healthy lifestyles by teaching nutrition-not dieting-for long-term weight management and disease prevention. A registered dietitian and certified LEAP therapist, she emphasizes the importance of how eating well, exercising and managing stress can influence the state of their physical, mental and emotional health.

Rita has a B.S in dietetics from Virginia Tech. She strongly believes in the promotion and integration of health, fitness and a balanced lifestyle. She considers herself extremely fortunate to have chosen a field of study about which she is passionate, and a career in which she can translate her passion into improving the lives of others.

Her primary focuses are:

Gut Health
Thyroid Health
General Nutrition and Wellness
Heart Health (High Cholesterol, Lipids, Blood pressure)
Weight Management
Specific diet needs (Celiac Disease-Gluten Free diet, Vegetarian/Vegan, PCOS, IBS, etc)
Food Sensitivities