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Stamford 06905
Phone: (818) 505-4477
Email: julia@regenesis.health
Julia Quinn Holistic Health & Functional Genomics Practitioner

Fields of interest: Women's health, gluten & wheat-related disorders, Celiac disease, autoimmune diseases, adrenal recovery, hormone imbalances, gut conditions and repair, brain health optimization

re-Create your true health together with a health detective who partners with you for answers and real, lasting results. At reGenesis Health we focus primarily on helping women to feel themselves again, to become powerful and to dominate their destiny. We work thoroughly and collaboratively to uncover her hidden root-causes and dysfunctions, to discover her best solutions, and to recover her energy and vitality. Then we help to empower her with greater confidence and tools so that she launches into her next chapter more fully alive making greater impact in the world.