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Revive Health Center and Spa

3X4 Certified
Top 10%

Telehealth States: Georgia

6875 Hickory Rd. Suite 110 Woodstock Ga 30118
Woodstock 30188
Phone: (770) 345-1111
Kellie Baxter DC

Fields of interest: Chiropractic, Anti aging, Nutrition, and Weight loss.

Dr. Kellie Baxter is a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) and specializes in auto accident cases, plantar fasciitis and TMJ disorder. Her combined knowledge of Chiropractic, Meridian Therapy, and Nutrition has helped thousands of patients to achieve their health goals. She takes into consideration your lifestyle, family history, stress levels, health complaints, diet and exercise routines. She can also teach you various ways of reaching and maintaining these goals throughout your life.