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SYNC Wellness

3X4 Certified
Elite Member
Top 5%

Telehealth States: Louisiana

18303 Perkins Road East, Suite 403, Baton Rouge, La 70810
Baton Rouge 70810
Phone: (225) 425-7962
Angie Huff Doctor of Pharmacy

Fields of interest: Genetics, Hormonal Balance, Nutritional Optimization, Longevity

Our team uses science-based data, from your cellular nutrient assay and genetic testing, to customize a lifestyle plan to help you harness more energy, have more restful sleep, learn to eat healthier, feel better, look better and achieve optimal wellness.
Our lifestyle plans center around customized supplement plans with conveniently packaged pharmacist-curated supplements, one-on-one pharmacist consultation, personalized lifestyle plans, meal planning, and customized nutrient hydration plans to help you achieve the optimal wellness you so desire.
This process positions SYNC to maximize your time and money, and effectively sets you on a path of nutritional health.