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Listen to your body.

Let your body tell you its unique story.

Our simple to use genetic test will give you deep insight into how to live longer, healthier and better.

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25 Unique Insights | 1 Unique Blueprint

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25 Unique Insights | 1 Unique Blueprint


ORDER NOW What’s included:
  • “A Day in the Life of You” Questionnaire
    • Helps your practitioner get to know your unique needs and goals, focusing your session on what matters most to you.
  • A 1-hour Feedback Session
    • A 3x4 accredited practitioner will walk you through your report, telling you the unique story of your genes. Within 48 hours after your consultation, you'll be sent a 1-page feedback assessment summary.
  • Your Blueprint Report + Plan
    • Contains 25 key insights and several practical, personalised recommendation for you to start living your best life.

25 core insights to a better you.

All in 1 blueprint.

Cellular Health
Body Health
Diet & Energy
Activity & Sport

Have you ever wanted to know…

Why do I keep getting sick?

Why is it hard for me to lose weight?

Why do I have low energy levels?

Why do I struggle with my gut and digestion?

Why do I suffer from a mood disorder?

Why do I struggle to make optimal diet and lifestyle choices?

Why do I keep getting injured?

Your body has all the answers to these questions, and more. Take our test and start listening.

It’s as easy as…


Collect your sample with a simple cheek swab. No spitting, no needles and definitely no blood.


Scan the unique QR code found on the 3X4 Genetics packaging to register your test online.

And that’s it!

A courier collects the test from you or your practitioner and you receive your 3X4 Blueprint in 3 weeks.

Ready to find out what your genes say about you?