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Take control of
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Use the 3X4 Genetic test to listen deeply to your body and achieve the health you desire.

Who are 3X4?

We are a genetics-based foundational health company that combines advanced genetic testing, nutrigenomic education and a global network of accredited practitioners to help people listen to their bodies and make sound, daily choices to live longer, healthier and better lives.

Science meets technology

How it all began (1:08)

Jason Haddock

Chief Executive Officer

Described aptly by the 3X4 team as “a walking meme” or “millennial trapped in a Gen X body”, Jason is taking his code-nerdery, big data fantasies to the next level by immersing himself into the world of genetics, which is (as he puts it) the ultimate “source code” of human identity. Jason’s 20+ years experience in the tech industry, plus helping to create and grow a number of successful businesses, has led him to be our well-respected, Jack-of-all-trades CEO.

Between the seemingly inexhaustible supply of pop culture references and dad jokes, Jason impresses daily by elegantly overseeing each part of the business, from technology, science to design, so as to ensure a top class user experience and to a build sustainable, worthwhile company which we all feel lucky to be a part of.

Dr Yael Joffe

Chief Scientific Officer

You know that adage, so and so has forgotten more about [insert subject here] than you will ever know? In Yael’s case we suspect that it might be true. Yael blasted past Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours and kept on going on her relentless journey to master the emerging field of nutrigenetics.

Yael has done it all, and we really mean that. She started out her life as a budding architect and ended up as a world-renowned scientist. She is a force to be reckoned with in the genomics world and boldly leads the science team at 3X4 on the journey to build clinically useful products that are shaping the future of healthcare.

The people who make it all happen

Annelie Smith

Annelie Smith

Head of Nutrition & Mentoring

Imagine Annelie as the wise grand master sitting meditating at the top of a misty mountain, imparting sage advise and offering her wisdom to whomever seeks it.

Her mastery of nutrition as it speaks to genomics has positioned her as a global expert. Her soft nature and desire to create a safe space for others to learn has made her a hugely sought after mentor to our network of expert practitioner.

Candice Archontakis

Candice Archontakis

Head of Education

Candice might possibly be 3X4’s biggest fan, plus she works for us. Having done the Manuka education course way back in 2016, she liked it so much that she decided to run the education side of 3X4. How’s that for engineering your career!

But it doesn’t stop there, Candice used to be a pretty good dietician herself and takes her previous experience of running her own practice, smoeshes (that’s a technical term) it with her education experience and uses this to help our practitioners not only slide through the education courses like butter on a hot pan, but also mentors our 3X4 Network practitioners to become, in a word, awesome!

Tyson Brinkley

Tyson Brinkley

Customer Relationship Manager

Tyson treats customer relationship management with the focus and intensity of that laser beam on the “Death Star” (picture Dr. Evil making air quotes). He’s not the loudest guy in the room, but don’t let that fool you. Under that quiet exterior lies a wicked sense of humor.

Tyson’s goal at 3X4 is to make our practitioners look like rock stars and we believe he’s just the guy for the job! He is that quintessential over-achiever, not only is he a masterful sales person, but in his spare time he also competes at those crazy obstacle course events. If you play your cards right you may even get to see why he could give Matthew McConaughey a run for his money in the abs department.

Lindy Clarke

Lindy Clarke

Operations Manager

Lindy has mastered the art of operational ninjitsu. You won’t often see her, but when you do, its magical. She masters spreadsheets like that guy in the matrix. Some of us have tried to figure out how she does what she does, but ultimately end up deciding that we’re just really lucky to have her around.

Lindy is all about the customer experience and the people. We love her, our customers love her, and we feel confident that you will love her to. When Lindy isn’t bending spreadsheets to her will, she makes sure that 3X4 runs like the swiss army knife company, only way more efficiently.

Sara Mecca

Sara Mecca

US Operations Manager

Sara measures her successes through a simple question: did she make someone’s day better, easier, more delightful? At 3X4, she gets to work towards answering this question with a resounding “YES!” by tackling the stickiest operational challenges and working directly with our practitioners and patients to bring the 3X4 Genetics vision to life.

Coming from a background in healthcare operations and customer support, Sara’s greatest passion is making it fun and empowering to engage with your health data. When she’s not neck deep in operational processes, you can also always rely on her to have the perfect reaction gif or emoji for the occasion. Combining her penchant for humor while keeping her standards sky high, Sara has found her perfect home with the 3X4 team.