Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how your information will be collected, stored, used and disseminated by 3X4 Genetics and forms part of our Terms of Service.
  1. Introduction to Privacy Policy
    1. Refer to Section 1. Definitions, in our Terms of Service, for all definitions that apply to this policy. The Terms of Service operate in conjunction with this Privacy Policy.
    2. This policy applies to visitors to this Website, users of 3X4’s Services, clients and healthcare practitioners.
    3. 3X4 takes your privacy very seriously and considers all your Personal Information strictly confidential, other than as specified in this Privacy Policy.
    4. Your Personal Information is only used for the purposes of completing your order for a 3X4 Test. And/or, your Personal Information is used when you have opted in to send you marketing material, in which case only your name and email address is used.
    5. 3X4 takes reasonable measures to protect your Personal Information against unauthorised use, alteration, loss or corruption.
    6. You should always exercise caution when providing any of your personal information.
  2. Securing Your Personal Information
    1. 3X4 stores your Personal Information and Genetic Information on secure Cloud-based servers and is accessible only to you, 3X4 employees and your appointed 3X4 Accredited Practitioners, and is secured through either password entry or One Time Pin technology.
    2. You may ask us to delete your Personal Information.
    3. Your Personal Information may be stored on servers outside of South Africa, where the privacy legislation may not be the same as in South Africa.
  3. Disclosing Your Personal Information
    1. 3X4 agrees never to sell your Personal Information or make it available to any third party, except as specified in this Privacy Policy.
    2. 3X4 may disclose your Personal Information:
      1. Only as necessary, to our Third Party suppliers, so that they can fulfil and deliver your order for a 3X4 Test, for example to communicate with you and deliver to your address.
      2. Only as necessary, to our employees, so that they are able to service you adequately and improve our services. Our employees understand the importance of your right to privacy and sign confidentiality agreements when they are contracted to work for 3X4.
      3. Only as necessary, to fraud detection agencies, law enforcement, government officials and other third parties, in order to protect our safety, the safety of any individual or the general public, or our rights or property, to report or support the investigation into suspected illegal activity or violations of these Terms of Service.
      4. When required by law, for example by Third Party auditors, credit bureaus, governmental audit, subpoena or order of court, a criminal investigation purpose, or any other legal obligation.
      5. You agree that 3X4 discloses your Personal Information and Genetic Information to a 3X4 Accredited Practitioner via One Time Pin technology.
  4. Utilising Your Personal Information
    1. 3X4 may use your personal information:
      1. To fulfil your order for a 3X4 Test and provide you with 3X4 Services, for example:
        1. Providing your name, contact number and address for the purposes of courier collection,
        2. Providing your name, Genetic Information and Self-Reported Information with a 3X4 Accredited Practitioner,
        3. Providing your name, contact number and email address to our employees, for the purposes of communicating with you.
    2. To respond to your queries,
    3. If you opt in to receive our marketing material, to:
      1. Invite you to current and future 3X4 events and to enter 3X4 competitions,
      2. To update you on 3X4 products and services,
      3. To update you on the healthcare industry.
    4. To improve our website experience, products and services.
    5. To send messages and emails about pertinent administrative and updates to 3X4 Services.
    6. To send you one message or email to ask if you would like to opt-in to receiving promotional messages and emails from us.
    7. When compiling Aggregated Information, we take reasonable steps to ensure it does not identify you individually. These statistics may be shared with third parties.
  5. Collecting your Personal Information
    1. 3X4 may collect information from you using many methods, for example, when you:
      1. when you visit the Website
      2. subscribe to our newsletter
      3. fill in the Website contact form
      4. join a 3X4-administered WhatsApp group
      5. engage with us on our authorised social media accounts
      6. use any other tool to communicate with 3X4
      7. contact us by email or post
      8. enter our competitions
      9. fill in our forms
      10. purchase our products
      11. engage in any other activities on any other 3X4 platforms
      12. register on the website
    2. When you buy a 3X4 Test, you may be required to provide us with some of the following additional personal information, to be able to provide you with our Services:
      1. your name and surname
      2. your email address
      3. your physical address
      4. your gender
      5. your mobile number
      6. your date of birth
      7. your medical history
      8. your age
      9. your physical and mental health
      10. your well being
      11. any illnesses or disabilities you have
      12. your personal opinions, views or preferences
    3. When you purchase a 3X4 Test, we will collect your Genetic Information via the DNA sample you provide to us.
    4. When applicable, we may ask you to provide your bank account details to make a payment into your account.
    5. We may monitor and record phone conversations when you call us when we call you.
    6. Collecting Information Relating to your Browsing Behavior
      1. We may collect data on your browsing behavior. This is explained in more detail in our Cookie Policy.
      2. We may collect and store technical data from your browser, for example your browser application, click patterns, IP (Internet Protocol) address, system specifications, plug-ins, search engine keywords and time spent on pages on the site.
    7. If your personal information changes, please inform us of any changes as soon as reasonably possible, so that we can update our records.
    8. We are not liable if your personal information was compromised if your mobile phone was used to access your personal information without your authorisation.
    9. 3X4 cannot accept liability for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of your disclosure of your information to any Third Party.
    10. 3X4 will take reasonable steps to protect your privacy but we cannot guarantee or accept liability whatsoever for any unauthorised or unlawful access to our records of your personal information, unless as a result of our gross negligence.
    11. This policy may be updated on occasion.
    12. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding this policy.