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Ready to find out what
your genes say about you?

3X4 Genetic Test

What’s included:

    • “A Day in the Life of You” Questionnaire
      • Helps your practitioner get to know your unique needs and goals, focusing your session on what matters most to you.
    • A 1-hour Feedback Session
      • A 3×4 accredited practitioner will walk you through your report, telling you the unique story of your genes. Within 48 hours after your consultation, you’ll be sent a 1-page feedback assessment summary.
    • Your Blueprint Report + Plan
      • Contains 25 key insights and several practical, personalised recommendation for you to start living your best life.
    • Special
      • Free Genes to Plate Recipe Book with every purchase.
        *special until the end of June or while stocks last.


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*Want to purchase for friends and family? No problem! We will ship all of your kits to your delivery address. Each kit has an individual QR code / link that you use when registering each sample.

What’s included?

It's not just a genetic test, it’s so much more…

Your personalized 3X4 Genetic Blueprint, to get you started on your journey with your 3X4 practitioner towards a longer, better and healthier life.

To ensure we provide lots of value, we ask you to tell us what you want to get out of the test and a little about yourself in our “Day in the life of you” questionnaire.

We arrange for a 1 hour online consultation with one of our accredited 3X4 practitioners to unlock the full value of your 3X4 Genetic Blueprint.

48 hours after your consultation, your 3X4 practitioner will send you a 1 page feedback report to start you on your life long journey of health.

How 3X4 delivers value to you

Whether you have a chronic illness, are struggling to lose weight, want to improve your mental or physical performance, or just want to be healthier, 3X4 has the answers. See below for some of the areas your practitioner will be able to address using your 3X4 Genetic Blueprint.

Ready to buy a test? Here’s what happens next…

Ready to buy a test? Here’s what happens next…

your kit

Your 3X4
“Day in the life of you”

We arrange your consultation and set you up with one of our expert 3X4 practitioners.


We send you your 3X4 Genetic Blueprint and your 1 page 3X4 feedback from your practitioner.

Ready to buy a test? Here’s what happens next…

Kit goes to the lab for +/-3 weeks

Why a practitioner?

Why a practitioner?

No genetic test is by itself sufficient to offer a full health blueprint that allows you to make long term, sustainable health choices. Only combined with insights into your medical history, family history, lifestyle, diet, exercise and environment does the full picture start to emerge.

Enter the 3X4 practitioner: like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, they are experts in their fields and have completed the 3X4 accredited genetic training to make them kung fu masters of a sort.

Your mom was right, you are unique! Knowing your personal genetic profile is a great way to get a glimpse of your uniqueness. But, your genes alone are only part of the complete story of you. Using your 3X4 Genetic Blueprint, combined with your 3X4 “A Day in the life of you” questionnaire, your health care practitioner will work with you to help you make the right daily choices to live the healthiest and best version of you.